What is your Investment Style?

When I discussed briefly on cognitive biasness and how it can cloud your investment decisions, I mentioned about how as Investors, we should devise a personalised investment strategy and believe in it. Even with an investment strategy, you need to also understand what is your investment style. It is like CPF LIFE where you haveContinue reading “What is your Investment Style?”

Global Industry Classification Standard

What I have graphically mapped out below is probably a useful and efficient investment tool, especially for investors who are interested in diversification across industries. Diversification mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio. A well-diversified portfolio consists a mix of distinct asset types, investment vehicles and even across industries to limit exposure toContinue reading “Global Industry Classification Standard”

Reading a Stock Quote

A stock quote primarily shows the price of a stock on its exchange market and updated real-time (usually) during a trading session. Other secondary stats making up the stock quote help investors make an informed investment decision. I don’t disagree the possibility of information overload when researching stocks. Even I get overwhelmed sometimes on whatContinue reading “Reading a Stock Quote”

52-week High and Low investment strategy

As a pure investor, I am “not bounded” to any of the stock counters that I am vested in nor intending to invest in. I don’t buy stock because I like the brand, the products or services, the industry etc. No sentiments, no brand loyalty, no hard feelings. I invest in them because they wereContinue reading “52-week High and Low investment strategy”

The Stock Market works by Day, but loves the Night

I am a long-term investor. While I enjoy looking at market prices, I do not however monitor price movement day in, day out. Usually, I would only check once for the day, on the market open versus previous day close. Unless you are trading, not investing. As I mentioned early, Time in the Market versusContinue reading “The Stock Market works by Day, but loves the Night”