Maximum Pessimism investment strategy

Maximum Pessimism is in short, as Warren Buffett has put it: Be Greedy when everyone else is Fearful and be Fearful when everyone is Greedy. Less eloquently expressed, it is simply “buy low, sell high”. “Invest at the point of maximum pessimism, in companies of high quality, where you detect future earning power is patientlyContinue reading “Maximum Pessimism investment strategy”

Dollar Cost Averaging versus Lump Sum investing

We have seen earlier the proposition for “Time in the Market” being more effective than “timing the market” for ordinary folks like yourself and me. While waiting on the sidelines for entry opportunities, you may miss out on both dividends and potential capital gains. The market is uncertain, unpredictable and with combinations of long bullContinue reading “Dollar Cost Averaging versus Lump Sum investing”

Time in the Market versus timing the market

Investors would be familiar with this quote “Time in the Market rather than timing the market”. “Time in the Market” is the strategy to hold investments for the long-term while “timing the market” basically means picking at the market prices to buy low, sell high. Which strategy is more effective for everyday folks like yourselfContinue reading “Time in the Market versus timing the market”