Regular Savings Plan Update – October 2019

Monthly Allocation for 18 October 2019 as follows , with a $500 investment amount Counter Quantity Price Investment Amount OCBC Bank (O39) 9 $10.750 $96.75 SIA (C6L) 44 $9.085 $399.74 Total $496.49 Average Price of existing Portfolio counters Counter Total Shares Average Price OCBC Bank (O39) 59 $11.2949 SIA (C6L) 300 $9.4189

Your child should invest early in life

Being the financially savvy parent that I was, I recognised the power of compounding interest and the advantage to starting off right early in life. You might have noticed that I had been planning effective goals and building up my child’s portfolio from young. A head-start gift to my child is what I call it.Continue reading “Your child should invest early in life”