Teaching your little ones Personal Finance

For parents, especially those with young children, the art of educating them on appreciating the value of what money can do has to start from young. Why so? Call it the beauty of youthfulness — the young, unmolded minds is the best time to inculcate good values and habits. This is the phase of lifeContinue reading “Teaching your little ones Personal Finance”

Fighting the Highs and Lows

Merry Christmas, readers! So the past few days have been testing. The little one has been down with on and off fever for the past few days. As a parent, you must be willing to spend time, effort and money to both nurse and comfort. It was really tiring for both the patient and theContinue reading “Fighting the Highs and Lows”

Think decisive, timely and wisely for yourself

We go through decision-making all the time, whether it is in our personal lives, matters dealing with personal finance, expenses-incurring decisions, savings & investment choices. Adeptly put, Life is a matter of making choices, not leaving to chances. A typical decision making process should lead you through the issue to evaluation and review of yourContinue reading “Think decisive, timely and wisely for yourself”

Certified Wage Slave

For those who missed yesterday’s event, we had the good opportunity to meet the co-founder and illustrator, Wei Choon for The Woke Salaryman. A two-man outfit, Mr & Mr Woke intent to help Singaporeans make better financial and life choices through education and stick figure illustration. We do it even if it means deviating fromContinue reading “Certified Wage Slave”