Powerhouse Sponsor Mapletree

Besides CapitaLand (C31) leading strong REITs as a strong Sponsor, Mapletree Investment is also another powerhouse Sponsor. Mapletree Investments (or just Mapletree) is not listed on SGX however — it is 100% owned by Temasek Holdings. Mapletree has assets under management (AUM) global portfolio (S$60.5 billion as at 31 Mar 2020) which focuses largely onContinue reading “Powerhouse Sponsor Mapletree”

Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust (RW0U)

As at 2020 First Quarter Financial Results (27 July 2020) Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust (MNACT) is Singapore’s first commercial REIT with properties in China, Hong Kong SAR and Japan, listed on 7 Mar 2013. It has ownership/interest in 2 properties in China, 1 in Hong Kong SAR and 8 in Japan worth S$8.3 billionContinue reading “Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust (RW0U)”