Do I need to plan for Retirement till Age 99?

Retirement to me, is when as an individual, I am able to choose whether I “want” to work and not whether I “have” to work. Some people amassed enough to live by, based on their current lifestyle for the rest of their lives, but still remain in the workforce to keep themselves active. To possessContinue reading “Do I need to plan for Retirement till Age 99?”

Leaving behind a Legacy for your Child, via his CPF SA top-up

While CPF SA Shielding and OA Shielding — A Live Example is more applicable to more senior adults who are nearing the age where RA is formed at .age 55, there is a group of people who are believers in giving a kick-start to their children’s CPF retirement planning early by inculcating transferable and manageable savings and investment habitContinue reading “Leaving behind a Legacy for your Child, via his CPF SA top-up”

CPF Balances Update – One year of a Journey

One year on in my Full Retirement Sum journey for my CPF SA, I decided to look back and see how far I have came about. I could still remember the day I decided to take the plunge and transferred 30 grand from my CPF OA to SA. It was a one-way trip. The subsequentContinue reading “CPF Balances Update – One year of a Journey”

Portfolio refocus towards retail and hospitality sector

It’s the National Day long weekend and I thought I take some time to reflect on my recent buy/sell actions in the past 2 weeks. It was a crucial revamp of my portfolio and one that sees a shift from the travel towards retail and hospitality sector. So in my earlier post, I elaborated onContinue reading “Portfolio refocus towards retail and hospitality sector”

The day I dumped all my Airline stocks

2 days ago, I dumped 2 prominent Asian airline stocks — Singapore Airlines (C6L) on SGX and Cathay Pacific Airways (293) on HKEX. It is a late move on my part due to expectations of possible recovery towards the end of the year. However with the onset of second wave and even third wave forContinue reading “The day I dumped all my Airline stocks”