Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020

I was invited as a panelist on 20 January by Samuel Rhee, Founding partner and CIO, and Sheng Shi Chiam, Personal Finance Lead for Endowus, on investing and the future of your CPF in 2020. This is the first step and kickoff of 2020 for TOC in the quest of engaging the masses on raisingContinue reading “Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020”

ETFs: Fact vs Fiction

Sebastian Sieber, partner for Syfe, reached out to me at Distrii Singapore to hook up with Mun Fai Cheong on “SPDR x Syfe ETFs: Fact vs Fiction” on 14 Jan. Mun Fai by the way, is Vice-President at State Street Global Advisors, for SPDR Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). State Street Corporation for that matters, isContinue reading “ETFs: Fact vs Fiction”

Investment spending to increase by 14% for 2020

Not all “spending” are bad. What I am essentially doing is knowingly forcing to “pay-myself-first” more at the start of salary collection. When I first started out, I mentioned how I took control of every dollar flow out of my Monthly Salary. This was how it looked like for 2019: Details Percentage of take-home Savings fundContinue reading “Investment spending to increase by 14% for 2020”

What every personal investor needs to know

For many of the personal investors out there, does it sometimes feel like you are travelling in a dark, winding tunnel or have lost your way? Honestly, I face that at times too. The feeling of losing your purpose is not a good one. However, there are some fundamentals that I have instilled in me,Continue reading “What every personal investor needs to know”

Why Investing early matters

I love the Eighth wonder of the world. I adore the power of compounding interest. And as I understood it better, I started to save more of my income so that I could spend more on investment products and grow my wealth further. In mid-2019, I stopped the miles chase. By the miles chase, IContinue reading “Why Investing early matters”