Inflation can only be beaten by Investing

Cash, savings account, government bonds and low interest-bearing time deposit account are not exactly good storage of value. In fact, these instruments are a sure way of losing your monetary or purchasing power over time. Inflation in essence is the cause — pure economists will relate it to the interaction of demand and supply factorsContinue reading “Inflation can only be beaten by Investing”

ETFs: Fact vs Fiction

Sebastian Sieber, partner for Syfe, reached out to me at Distrii Singapore to hook up with Mun Fai Cheong on “SPDR x Syfe ETFs: Fact vs Fiction” on 14 Jan. Mun Fai by the way, is Vice-President at State Street Global Advisors, for SPDR Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). State Street Corporation for that matters, isContinue reading “ETFs: Fact vs Fiction”

What every personal investor needs to know

For many of the personal investors out there, does it sometimes feel like you are travelling in a dark, winding tunnel or have lost your way? Honestly, I face that at times too. The feeling of losing your purpose is not a good one. However, there are some fundamentals that I have instilled in me,Continue reading “What every personal investor needs to know”

Review of 2019 Stock Holdings

Nearing the end of the current year, it is a good time to take stock of how my stock holdings have performed for this year. 2019 was the serious start of my investing journey, whereby I strongly believe that every dollar saved could be a dollar vested for X future dollars. Delayed gratification was neverContinue reading “Review of 2019 Stock Holdings”

Impeachment is no different from other political noise

Amanda, Head Engagement for StashAway kindly invited myself to The Octagon to hear Freddy out on “StashAway’s Market Outlook 2020” on 17 Dec. And Freddy by the way, is Co-Founder and CIO of StashAway. One thing that people are trying to hype up the market is President Trump’s impeachment. How and how much will itContinue reading “Impeachment is no different from other political noise”