Mid-Year Review of 2020 Stock Holdings

As we reach the mid-point for 2020, I took a pause to look back and see how far off I have fared since 6 months ago when I did my Review of 2019 Stock Holdings. It was the first major downturn since I started investing. The first few months were “bad months” due to COVID-19.Continue reading “Mid-Year Review of 2020 Stock Holdings”

Inflation can only be beaten by Investing

Cash, savings account, government bonds and low interest-bearing time deposit account are not exactly good storage of value. In fact, these instruments are a sure way of losing your monetary or purchasing power over time. Inflation in essence is the cause — pure economists will relate it to the interaction of demand and supply factorsContinue reading “Inflation can only be beaten by Investing”

ETFs: Fact vs Fiction

Sebastian Sieber, partner for Syfe, reached out to me at Distrii Singapore to hook up with Mun Fai Cheong on “SPDR x Syfe ETFs: Fact vs Fiction” on 14 Jan. Mun Fai by the way, is Vice-President at State Street Global Advisors, for SPDR Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). State Street Corporation for that matters, isContinue reading “ETFs: Fact vs Fiction”

What every personal investor needs to know

For many of the personal investors out there, does it sometimes feel like you are travelling in a dark, winding tunnel or have lost your way? Honestly, I face that at times too. The feeling of losing your purpose is not a good one. However, there are some fundamentals that I have instilled in me,Continue reading “What every personal investor needs to know”

Review of 2019 Stock Holdings

Nearing the end of the current year, it is a good time to take stock of how my stock holdings have performed for this year. 2019 was the serious start of my investing journey, whereby I strongly believe that every dollar saved could be a dollar vested for X future dollars. Delayed gratification was neverContinue reading “Review of 2019 Stock Holdings”