What is your Retirement Sum?

No, this is not about your CPF Retirement Sum. But really, the amount of money you need for your retirement. Some of us have a fuzzy idea of the amount that we need. When we work backwards, it translate into fuzzy numbers that we need to save or invest each month. Retirement fuzzy logic. TheContinue reading “What is your Retirement Sum?”

Endowus as an investment tool for CPFIS-OA

By now, most of my readers would know that I am building up my base financial safety net via my CPF Special Account (SA) by reaching the prevailing Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in 5 years time or less (before I hit the 40s). One of my regular moves is to make monthly CPF OA toContinue reading “Endowus as an investment tool for CPFIS-OA”

Rules of Engagement for Investing

It’s a Monday so let’s keep it simple for your investment. Time in the Market, not timing the marketInvesting is a long-term commitment. The market has a behavourial ups and downs in cycles that cannot be predicted with accuracy. can’t be timed. Investing for years or even decades will give you time to rebuild assetContinue reading “Rules of Engagement for Investing”