Investing from Age Zero

My daughter has begun her savings and investment journey ever since she was born. To date, the amount isn’t much but it goes a long way. Why Investing early matters? The investment horizon of an average adult is roughly 40 years — from the time you enter the working society at age 25 till you possiblyContinue reading “Investing from Age Zero”

Why I am unfazed by the 2019-nCOV market drop?

Ever since more confirmed nCOV cases started surfacing up globally last week, the equity markets have generally taken a beating due to uncertainty of the near future, especially stocks relating to tourism. Medical and medical supplies related stocks are up on the contrary, which was expected. Panic selling in the market, further depressing prices. MyContinue reading “Why I am unfazed by the 2019-nCOV market drop?”

Where’s your Ferrari?

Many of you would have seen this cheeky conversation between a smart alec who doesn’t smoke versus a smoker. The smoker spends quite a sizable sum of money over years on cigarettes — an opportunity cost. To the Genius non-smoker, the money that you have not spent on cigarettes, where is your Ferrari then? TheContinue reading “Where’s your Ferrari?”

TOC expands outreach to Bangkok, Thailand

TOC hotdesks at one of the global co-working spaces. One of the draws in joining a great co-working environment is the learning and networking opportunities with members of high profile corporations, startups and entrepreneurs. I had a good conversation with the General Manager for Company X in Bangkok recently, who invited me to collaborate withContinue reading “TOC expands outreach to Bangkok, Thailand”

Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020

I was invited as a panelist on 20 January by Samuel Rhee, Founding partner and CIO, and Sheng Shi Chiam, Personal Finance Lead for Endowus, on investing and the future of your CPF in 2020. This is the first step and kickoff of 2020 for TOC in the quest of engaging the masses on raisingContinue reading “Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020”