Fly-by-night traders, a downward spiral in wealth creation

Low to zero commission fees, buy/sell at the click of a button, easy access to trading platforms, all major markets inclusive — a win-win situation for consumers and service providers, don’t you think? COVID-19 had in recent months cause a total or partial lock-down in many cities or even countries, resulting in boredom for manyContinue reading “Fly-by-night traders, a downward spiral in wealth creation”

Double whammy on retirement plans: No dividends distributed and capital loss on paper

I thought it would be interesting to revisit an actual investment case example that was published in February 2017 and critic on whether it would work today. Everyone loves an inspirational story, will the following work or kill your retirement plans for you today? This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Feb.Continue reading “Double whammy on retirement plans: No dividends distributed and capital loss on paper”

What goes down in the Market must come up

In times of uncertainty, one of the most common questions revisited day after day, is to continue to fight or take flight. And by that, I really mean whether an investor should sell off or continue to stay vested and even pump in more money. The S&P 500 continues to remain one of the bestContinue reading “What goes down in the Market must come up”

Looking at the past, planning for the future

CPF remains as one of my several retirement tools that I am closely watching and building up towards my retirement planning 30 years from now — a move that I am confident in not fallling between the cracks during my retirement. Mr Loo’s concept of 4M65 or 4 Million dollars accumulated as a couple at ageContinue reading “Looking at the past, planning for the future”

Inflation can only be beaten by Investing

Cash, savings account, government bonds and low interest-bearing time deposit account are not exactly good storage of value. In fact, these instruments are a sure way of losing your monetary or purchasing power over time. Inflation in essence is the cause — pure economists will relate it to the interaction of demand and supply factorsContinue reading “Inflation can only be beaten by Investing”