Life Insurance 101

I saw this interesting Life Insurance cheat sheet on Bankrate which I thought was worth sharing. There are 3 basic questions that people often ask themselves prior to buying, which are primarily just when, how much and what to buy. Some keynotes for Life Insurance (which is incidentally applicable to other insurance as well): TransferContinue reading “Life Insurance 101”

Why I chose to DIY my Insurance

How many of us actually take time to read up and familiarise yourself with the different insurance policies and terms, examine your own portfolio periodically or even have an idea of the scope and coverage required? If you do not, then Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is probably not suitable for you. Personally, I have been doing theContinue reading “Why I chose to DIY my Insurance”

Personal insurance coverage

I have covered the insurance coverage for my child in an earlier post and thought to do the same for myself. Technically, I recognise that I have a young dependent and housing as a big ticket item. In the case of my early dismiss, I need to ensure that at least the housing loan isContinue reading “Personal insurance coverage”

Insurance coverage for my child

I am a strong advocate of Buy Term Invest the Rest (BTIR). Insurance coverage in my opinion, should be bought to cover the unexpected negative events that happen in life. This may include unforeseen death, illnesses or injuries. Savings and investment should take a separate track. Insurance Type Type Name Premium Remarks Hospitalisation Aviva MyShieldContinue reading “Insurance coverage for my child”