Dollar Cost Averaging versus Dollar Value Averaging

We had earlier affirmed that Dollar Cost Averaging is a good strategy for investors who have a lower risk tolerance. Dollar Cost Averaging advocates, for the same amount of money, to be able to buy more units of shares when the price drops and lesser units when the price rises. There is no need toContinue reading “Dollar Cost Averaging versus Dollar Value Averaging”

Dollar Cost Averaging versus Lump Sum investing

We have seen earlier the proposition for “Time in the Market” being more effective than “timing the market” for ordinary folks like yourself and me. While waiting on the sidelines for entry opportunities, you may miss out on both dividends and potential capital gains. The market is uncertain, unpredictable and with combinations of long bullContinue reading “Dollar Cost Averaging versus Lump Sum investing”

Understanding why premiums differ for different insurance types

There are countless of insurance types in the market. No matter what imaginable risk you may have to transfer to a third-party, finding a counterparty in the open market who is willing to takeup that risk is actually a piece of cake. However, have you ever wondered why even for 2 similar product types thatContinue reading “Understanding why premiums differ for different insurance types”

Your child should invest early in life

Being the financially savvy parent that I was, I recognised the power of compounding interest and the advantage to starting off right early in life. You might have noticed that I had been planning effective goals and building up my child’s portfolio from young. A head-start gift to my child is what I call it.Continue reading “Your child should invest early in life”