Retail play in China — which REIT to focus on?

As of Sep 2020, there are 4 REITs / Business Trust that focus on retail play in China. Dasin Retail Trust is highly focused in the Greater Bay Area, while the other three are spread out among Tiers 1 and 2 Chinese cities. REIT / Business Trust No. of properties Valuation(RMB $bil) Valuation(S$bil) CapitaLand RetailContinue reading “Retail play in China — which REIT to focus on?”


As at 2020 Second Quarter Financial Results (7 Aug 2020) BHG Retail REIT is the first pure-play China retail REIT sponsored by an established PRC homegrown retail property operator (Beijing Hualian Department Store Co), listed on 11 Dec 2015. It has ownership/interest in 6 properties worth S$0.93 billion (RMB 4.7 billion) as at 30 JunContinue reading “BHG Retail REIT (BMGU)”