Portfolio (Child’s)

(Updated as of: 21 Jan 2020)

Regular Savings Plan – POEMS ShareBuilderPlan (SBP)

Counter Total SharesLast DoneMarket Value
OCBC Bank (O39)246$11.17$2,747.82
SIA (C6L)404$9.02$3,644.08
Total value$6,391.90

CPF Balances

AUG 19$0$0.00$4,084.62$9,887.35
SEP 19$0$200.00$4,084.62$9,903.60
OCT 19$0$300.00$4,084.62$9,920.42
NOV 19$0$400.00$4,084.62$9,936.73
Dec 19$0$500.00$4,084.62$9,9953.61
Jan 20$0$503.75$4,288.86$9,953.61*

*Interest is credited last day of the month (e.g. 31 Dec). CDA is included here as transition is from CDA to PSEA to CPF-OA.

Insurance Coverage

Name Premium Remarks
Aviva MyShield Plan 1 +
MyHealth Plus Option A
$76.00* Annual for lifetime
Private Hospital Standard room,
cover co-insurance only
(Critical Illness)
Aviva My MultiPay
Critical Illness Plan III
$752.00 Annual till 75
Sum Assured $100,000
Sompo PA Junior Bunny
$85.60* Annual till 21/25
Aviva MyWealthPlan
$4,073.85 Annual
LPP 10 years / 20 year plan

*Premiums are subjected to annual revisions

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