Regular Savings Plan Update – November 2019

Monthly Allocation for 19 November 2019 as follows , with a $1000 investment amount Counter Quantity Price Investment Amount OCBC Bank (O39) 62 $11.138 $690.57 SIA (C6L) 34 $9.195 $312.62 Total $1009.61 Average Price of existing Portfolio counters Counter Total Shares Average Price OCBC Bank (O39) 121 $11.2146 SIA (C6L) 334 $9.3961

Update on CPF 101 guide – Investment Scheme

As of today, I have updated the CPF 101 guide to include the INVESTMENT scheme. Hopefully, I have covered all that a regular investor who invest his CPF-OA and CPF-SA needs to know. Last week, I have started putting together a CPF 101 guide, besides the hack guide which I consolidated previously, in an attemptContinue reading “Update on CPF 101 guide – Investment Scheme”