CPF Balances Update – February 2020

It is the end of February with all mandatory contributions and cash top up in for the month. OA to SA transfer for the month of February is also completed. SA balance currently stands at $98,250.04, slightly more than half of 2020 FRS or 54.3% of the journey. There’s a slight change in strategy fromContinue reading “CPF Balances Update – February 2020”

Update on CPF 101 guide – Investment Scheme

As of today, I have updated the CPF 101 guide to include the INVESTMENT scheme. Hopefully, I have covered all that a regular investor who invest his CPF-OA and CPF-SA needs to know. Last week, I have started putting together a CPF 101 guide, besides the hack guide which I consolidated previously, in an attemptContinue reading “Update on CPF 101 guide – Investment Scheme”