Quasi Geoarbitrage

Geoarbitrage basically means relocating to another city/country in order to take advantage of the lower costs in that city/country. However, it may not always be practical to uproot yourself to another location because of friends and family ties, your career and the prospects of facing new risks. However, many of us actually carry out someContinue reading “Quasi Geoarbitrage”

I will my assets, share and share alike

Everyone eventually leaves one day, and you either leave assets or liabilities behind, or even both. I have been going through this thought process of making a will. Doing one is not expensive, it can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to zero cost. I laid out all that I might possibly have, thoughContinue reading “I will my assets, share and share alike”

Why my Child gets all the spare change in the house?

How many of us still mainly use physical cash nowadays? With credit cards and other forms of cashless payments, it is not uncommon to just carry some cash and no coins. Perhaps only the previous generation, like my mum, still do carry a purse to keep spare change. When we do and receive back theContinue reading “Why my Child gets all the spare change in the house?”