I will my assets, share and share alike

Everyone eventually leaves one day, and you either leave assets or liabilities behind, or even both. I have been going through this thought process of making a will. Doing one is not expensive, it can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to zero cost. I laid out all that I might possibly have, thoughContinue reading “I will my assets, share and share alike”

Mortgage rate is killing me

So ever since we initially gotten a home loan in November 2017, interest rates have gradually been creeping up on us. In a blink of an eye, Maybank had raised its Fixed Deposit Mortgage Rate (FDMR) from 1.20% to 2.05%, which is about a 70% increase. MAYBANK FDMR36+0.08% FDMR36+0.18% FDMR36+0.28% Revision from FDMR36 1st YearContinue reading “Mortgage rate is killing me”