Reflection on your purpose in Life

I am not sure how many of you felt this way before, but the feeling of hitting the wall is pretty common — whether it is in your career, investment returns, education knowledge etc. You get this impression of a whole yet invisible barrier in front of you with no way of surpassing it. YouContinue reading “Reflection on your purpose in Life”

Syfe your Financial Freedom roadmap

When I attend financial events held by corporate companies these days, part of my assessment is whether they are in it just for the money, or genuinely there to help make a positive impact on or return good to society. Some hold a trial workshop or package it as a training session, yet with 90%Continue reading “Syfe your Financial Freedom roadmap”

What is your Retirement Sum?

No, this is not about your CPF Retirement Sum. But really, the amount of money you need for your retirement. Some of us have a fuzzy idea of the amount that we need. When we work backwards, it translate into fuzzy numbers that we need to save or invest each month. Retirement fuzzy logic. TheContinue reading “What is your Retirement Sum?”