Taking on both Recession and Retirement

I was invited to Endowus Head office to “Ask Sam: Recession vs Retirement” on 12 Dec. A good way to curb your 12.12 urge and rein in your spending, when you rethink about the yet-to-happen recession and your pending retirement 30 years from now. It is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. So far,Continue reading “Taking on both Recession and Retirement”

StashAway your wealth with ETFs

StashAway has its new corporate office at The Octagon, and we were the first to have a sneak peak of the premises during the event hosted by StashAway with BlackRock on 11 December. “BlackRock x StashAway: A fireside chat on Investing with ETFs” Michele Ferrario, Co-founder and CEO StashAway, moderated the session with Anthony Arthur,Continue reading “StashAway your wealth with ETFs”

Certified Wage Slave

For those who missed yesterday’s event, we had the good opportunity to meet the co-founder and illustrator, Wei Choon for The Woke Salaryman. A two-man outfit, Mr & Mr Woke intent to help Singaporeans make better financial and life choices through education and stick figure illustration. We do it even if it means deviating fromContinue reading “Certified Wage Slave”