Do I need to plan for Retirement till Age 99?

Retirement to me, is when as an individual, I am able to choose whether I “want” to work and not whether I “have” to work. Some people amassed enough to live by, based on their current lifestyle for the rest of their lives, but still remain in the workforce to keep themselves active. To possessContinue reading “Do I need to plan for Retirement till Age 99?”

People are rationally irrational

Ever since the first case of the 2019-nCOV discovered in Singapore on 23 Jan, the current number of confirmed cases stand at 40. The equities market, especially tourism-related stocks, have taken quite a hit. ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) in Singapore had been raised to ORANGE (the second most serious tier) on 7 FebContinue reading “People are rationally irrational”

ETFs: Fact vs Fiction

Sebastian Sieber, partner for Syfe, reached out to me at Distrii Singapore to hook up with Mun Fai Cheong on “SPDR x Syfe ETFs: Fact vs Fiction” on 14 Jan. Mun Fai by the way, is Vice-President at State Street Global Advisors, for SPDR Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). State Street Corporation for that matters, isContinue reading “ETFs: Fact vs Fiction”

Impeachment is no different from other political noise

Amanda, Head Engagement for StashAway kindly invited myself to The Octagon to hear Freddy out on “StashAway’s Market Outlook 2020” on 17 Dec. And Freddy by the way, is Co-Founder and CIO of StashAway. One thing that people are trying to hype up the market is President Trump’s impeachment. How and how much will itContinue reading “Impeachment is no different from other political noise”

Think decisive, timely and wisely for yourself

We go through decision-making all the time, whether it is in our personal lives, matters dealing with personal finance, expenses-incurring decisions, savings & investment choices. Adeptly put, Life is a matter of making choices, not leaving to chances. A typical decision making process should lead you through the issue to evaluation and review of yourContinue reading “Think decisive, timely and wisely for yourself”