Living on $2 a day food challenge

It was by chance that I stumbled upon this after I embarked on my $2 a day savings challenge. The REAL Two Dollar Challenge is actually a food challenge packaged as a “personal journey that will confront and challenge the person who takes it up with a few of the many constraints faced by thoseContinue reading “Living on $2 a day food challenge”

I want to be an Entrepreneur

By now, it is not too hard to infer that I am a salaried worker or employee of a company. I have had thought about entrepreneurship before, though in a fleeing manner: being your own Boss, working at your own pace and time, greater control over your path in life and greater sense of satisfactionContinue reading “I want to be an Entrepreneur”

Are you Poor, or not?

Generally, Singaporeans have the perception that we are poor. With rising costs of living (think housing prices, healthcare costs, education fees) and widening income equality, it is right to presume based on comparison with yesterday’s standards. Yet, are we that far off from the norm as proclaimed? How does Singapore compare worldwide? According to CreditContinue reading “Are you Poor, or not?”

Create Value for your Customer or Boss

What is Value? Value is the monetary, material, or assessed worth of an asset, good, service or work. At the end of this article, there is a short video that I want you to watch which is enlightening to me on the delivering of value. I can relate it to the 2 articles on CPFContinue reading “Create Value for your Customer or Boss”

And a Latte to go

A Latte, though, has got to be Starbucks. I like to pair my a la carte Big Mac with a Latte – only when there is a 1-for-1 offer at Starbucks. Just the day before, i used the Big Mac Index to gauge if foreign currencies are under- or over- valued relative to our localContinue reading “And a Latte to go”