Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020

I was invited as a panelist on 20 January by Samuel Rhee, Founding partner and CIO, and Sheng Shi Chiam, Personal Finance Lead for Endowus, on investing and the future of your CPF in 2020. This is the first step and kickoff of 2020 for TOC in the quest of engaging the masses on raisingContinue reading “Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020”

Engaging In Conversation with President Barack Obama

In another session organised by The Growth Faculty, I was honored once again to be invited along to engage “In Conversation with President Barack Obama” held on the 16 December at the Singapore EXPO. Two nights ago in the very same hall, I spent “An Evening with Michelle Obama”. President Barack Obama is the 44thContinue reading “Engaging In Conversation with President Barack Obama”

Spending An Evening with Michelle Obama

The Growth Faculty is an Australian startup passionate about delivering powerful learning opportunities for leaders and teams. They organise speaker events featuring Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, Malcom Gladwell, Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell and Liz Wiseman to name a few. I was fortunate to be invited along for “An Evening with MichelleContinue reading “Spending An Evening with Michelle Obama”