Life and personal finance in their Essence

Life, indeed, is short. 83.2 years — this is how long the average Singaporean expect to be on Earth, for year 2018. 83.2 years to leave a legacy, 65 years till retirement, 20 years to reach early adulthood, 12 years to end off the fun of a childhood. We don’t actually realise how short lifeContinue reading “Life and personal finance in their Essence”

Looking at the past, planning for the future

CPF remains as one of my several retirement tools that I am closely watching and building up towards my retirement planning 30 years from now — a move that I am confident in not fallling between the cracks during my retirement. Mr Loo’s concept of 4M65 or 4 Million dollars accumulated as a couple at ageContinue reading “Looking at the past, planning for the future”

Investing from Age Zero

My daughter has begun her savings and investment journey ever since she was born. To date, the amount isn’t much but it goes a long way. Why Investing early matters? The investment horizon of an average adult is roughly 40 years — from the time you enter the working society at age 25 till you possiblyContinue reading “Investing from Age Zero”

Where’s your Ferrari?

Many of you would have seen this cheeky conversation between a smart alec who doesn’t smoke versus a smoker. The smoker spends quite a sizable sum of money over years on cigarettes — an opportunity cost. To the Genius non-smoker, the money that you have not spent on cigarettes, where is your Ferrari then? TheContinue reading “Where’s your Ferrari?”

TOC expands outreach to Bangkok, Thailand

TOC hotdesks at one of the global co-working spaces. One of the draws in joining a great co-working environment is the learning and networking opportunities with members of high profile corporations, startups and entrepreneurs. I had a good conversation with the General Manager for Company X in Bangkok recently, who invited me to collaborate withContinue reading “TOC expands outreach to Bangkok, Thailand”