Your child should invest early in life

Being the financially savvy parent that I was, I recognised the power of compounding interest and the advantage to starting off right early in life. You might have noticed that I had been planning effective goals and building up my child’s portfolio from young. A head-start gift to my child is what I call it.Continue reading “Your child should invest early in life”

When Lambo?

Historically, Lamborghinis have always stood for new money. It’s been a symbol for excess and unreasonable wealth, because nobody needs a Lamborghini. No thanks to the onset of crypto currency millionaires publicly spending their bitcoin on Lamborghinis, which peaked in price at the end of 2017, the carmaker has become synonymous with new crypto-generated money.Continue reading “When Lambo?”

Compounding Interest and Rule of 72

I always have one of this table handy to remind myself the beauty of compounding interest. At one glance, I would know how many times of the principal I would expect after T units of time and at a particular interest rate. For example, at 5% interest rate every dollar of principal would be compoundedContinue reading “Compounding Interest and Rule of 72”

Take control of every dollar flow for your Monthly Salary

Not sure how often working adults tracks their salary flow, but I do it each month. More often than not, I hear people complaining they do not know where their money have gone to mid-month. Whether it is a mindmap, flowchart or even excel spreadsheets, it is a simple habit that is both useful andContinue reading “Take control of every dollar flow for your Monthly Salary”

Planning Effective Goals for your child from Young

Prior to the birth of my first child, I had started to pen down or mind-map what I had in mind for her, as well as what was lacking for me when I was a child on reflection of my own life. What you see above is still an ever-improving one as time goes by.Continue reading “Planning Effective Goals for your child from Young”