Embarking on my $2 a day challenge

From now on, I decided to put away a purple note each day, as soon as I received it. Even though Singapore is heading towards a cash-light society, it is still not uncommon to use cash for day-to-day transactions. For example, we pay for our food and drinks (probably at least 3 times a day)Continue reading “Embarking on my $2 a day challenge”

Why I refuse to fall between the cracks during my retirement

There are people who constantly ask why am I planning for retirement so early or why focus so much attention on CPF 101 hacking. For that matter, also why am I starting so young for my child. Is 55 years ahead too young to plan? How about 30 years ahead? Identify, Exploit, Subordinate, Elevate, Repeat.Continue reading “Why I refuse to fall between the cracks during my retirement”

A glimpse 20 years into the future

Parents, I have discussed earlier the importance of inculcating financial educating from their early childhood and for you to oversee on their investment early in life. I have done a projection on the value of my child’s assets 20 years from now, with the assumption of a modest return. Let us take a look atContinue reading “A glimpse 20 years into the future”