Teaching your little ones Personal Finance

For parents, especially those with young children, the art of educating them on appreciating the value of what money can do has to start from young. Why so? Call it the beauty of youthfulness — the young, unmolded minds is the best time to inculcate good values and habits. This is the phase of lifeContinue reading “Teaching your little ones Personal Finance”

CPF Balances Update – January 2020

First CPF Balances update of the new year! It is the end of January with all mandatory contributions and cash top up in for the month. MA new ceiling (Basic Healthcare Sum or BHS) is raised to $60,000 for 2020. OA to SA transfer for the month of January is also completed. SA balance currentlyContinue reading “CPF Balances Update – January 2020”

Investment spending to increase by 14% for 2020

Not all “spending” are bad. What I am essentially doing is knowingly forcing to “pay-myself-first” more at the start of salary collection. When I first started out, I mentioned how I took control of every dollar flow out of my Monthly Salary. This was how it looked like for 2019: Details Percentage of take-home Savings fundContinue reading “Investment spending to increase by 14% for 2020”

*Update* to CPF Interests Update – For 2019

Being too eager to post the results for the year, some readers were right to point out that the MA cap up to 31 Dec 2019 was $57,200. Revision for MA cap to $60,000 begins on 01 Jan 2020. Therefore, the interests earned for MA account for 2019 would overflow to SA. I checked backContinue reading “*Update* to CPF Interests Update – For 2019”