A glimpse into TOC’s 2020 plans

To my readers, I assure you that TOC is beyond being alive. In fact, 2020 is getting a little more exciting with the expansion of scope of what is to come. Personally, I have been busy piecing together a few pieces of the puzzles together and map out the direction that TOC is heading inContinue reading “A glimpse into TOC’s 2020 plans”

Round-up for Dec 19, Plans for 2020

December was a period of deeper learning and realising the purpose of TOC. In the round-up from Nov 19, I did mention that “more could be done to raise the Financial Literacy level in Singapore via collaboration across the industry”. Going beyond the blogosphere, TOC would be partaking in 2020, targeted engagement with the massesContinue reading “Round-up for Dec 19, Plans for 2020”

Founders meet Founders

Co-Founders Matching & General Assembly have a monthly session whereby founders of aspiring startups and Startup enthusiasts with core expertise in business, marketing, design, business or web development come together on the same platform for collaboration or form a team. Back in the round-up for Nov 19, I mentioned about collaboration across FinLit / FinTechContinue reading “Founders meet Founders”

Top 144 Investment Blogs and Websites For Investors in 2019

So just earlier last week, I mentioned about how Feedspot maintains a list of Top 80 Singapore Investment Blogs & Websites For SG Investors (2019)? I thought I took a step back and see what I could learn from the gurus on the international level. What could be clearer than to stand on the shoulders ofContinue reading “Top 144 Investment Blogs and Websites For Investors in 2019”