Take advantage of foreign currencies drops

Many of us would frequently come into contact with foreign currencies, whether it is for holidays, children’s overseas education, property investment etc. It serves as a medium of exchange to facilitate transactions, as a store of value, and as a unit of account. Foreign Currency Purpose US Dollars (USD) Education, Travel Great Britain Pounds (GBP)Continue reading “Take advantage of foreign currencies drops”

Do not be confused by foreign exchange rates!

The next time you head on to a money exchanger, if you are buying a foreign currency you will be looking at the SELL rate as this is the rate which the money exchanger is selling you at. Vice-versa if you are selling a foreign currency, you will be looking at the BUY rate. YouContinue reading “Do not be confused by foreign exchange rates!”

Price relation of Gold with other asset types

Previously, I was mentioning about how ordinary folks like yourself and me can go about investing in UOB’s gold. From a macro-economic perspective, do you know how other assets’ prices react when gold prices rise or falls? It would be quite relevant for those who trade in currencies, commodities or even invest in stocks andContinue reading “Price relation of Gold with other asset types”