Regular Savings Plan Update – October 2020

Monthly Allocation for 19 October 2020 as follows , with a $170.32 investment amount Counter Quantity Price Investment Amount OCBC Bank (O39) 19 $8.780 $166.82 Total $166.82 Average Price of existing Portfolio counters Counter Total Shares Avg Price OCBC Bank (O39) 479 $10.1666 SIA (C6L) 645 $8.6553

Is iTOTO a better choice than System 12

Following up my thoughts in my previous article on TOTO: Winning over the long run — Go BIG or Go HOME, I was pretty interested to zoom into a particular bet type for the lottery as it seemed to present a better chance (or probability) of winning at a lower cost. iTOTO versus System 12 SingaporeContinue reading “Is iTOTO a better choice than System 12”

TOTO: Winning over the long run — Go BIG or Go HOME

Introduction to TOTO Lottery is part and parcel of many Singaporean families. Being “exposed to gambling” from young — us cousins in the family used to hang around our grandparents’ place every weekends and “tikam tikam” or guess numbers for their weekly bets. We picked individual numbers out of a jar for TOTO and 4D,Continue reading “TOTO: Winning over the long run — Go BIG or Go HOME”

Can Car Registration Number be a good investment?

In Singapore, like any other countries, every motor vehicle must have a vehicle registration number (VRN) to operate on the road. Each VRN is unique and like no other — it does not repeat and cannot be reused once discarded. Most motorists use the VRN automatically assigned by LTA when buying a new vehicle. ThereContinue reading “Can Car Registration Number be a good investment?”