CPF Balances Update – March 2020

It is the end of March with all mandatory contributions and cash top up in for the month. OA to SA transfer for the month of March is also completed. SA balance currently stands at $103,063.50, slightly more than half of 2020 FRS or 56.9% of the journey. Basic Healthcare Sum of $60,000 was metContinue reading “CPF Balances Update – March 2020”

Regular Savings Plan Update – March 2020

Monthly Allocation for 19 March 2020 as follows , with a $1000 investment amount Counter Quantity Price Investment Amount OCBC Bank (O39) 11 $8.690 $95.59 SIA (C6L) 134 $6.698 $897.59 Total $993.18 Average Price of existing Portfolio counters Counter Total Shares Avg Price OCBC Bank (O39) 266 $11.0277 SIA (C6L) 645 $8.6553

What goes down in the Market must come up

In times of uncertainty, one of the most common questions revisited day after day, is to continue to fight or take flight. And by that, I really mean whether an investor should sell off or continue to stay vested and even pump in more money. The S&P 500 continues to remain one of the bestContinue reading “What goes down in the Market must come up”

Life and personal finance in their Essence

Life, indeed, is short. 83.2 years — this is how long the average Singaporean expect to be on Earth, for year 2018. 83.2 years to leave a legacy, 65 years till retirement, 20 years to reach early adulthood, 12 years to end off the fun of a childhood. We don’t actually realise how short lifeContinue reading “Life and personal finance in their Essence”

Looking at the past, planning for the future

CPF remains as one of my several retirement tools that I am closely watching and building up towards my retirement planning 30 years from now — a move that I am confident in not fallling between the cracks during my retirement. Mr Loo’s concept of 4M65 or 4 Million dollars accumulated as a couple at ageContinue reading “Looking at the past, planning for the future”