Mid-Year Review of 2020 Stock Holdings

As we reach the mid-point for 2020, I took a pause to look back and see how far off I have fared since 6 months ago when I did my Review of 2019 Stock Holdings. It was the first major downturn since I started investing. The first few months were “bad months” due to COVID-19.Continue reading “Mid-Year Review of 2020 Stock Holdings”

Fly-by-night traders, a downward spiral in wealth creation

Low to zero commission fees, buy/sell at the click of a button, easy access to trading platforms, all major markets inclusive — a win-win situation for consumers and service providers, don’t you think? COVID-19 had in recent months cause a total or partial lock-down in many cities or even countries, resulting in boredom for manyContinue reading “Fly-by-night traders, a downward spiral in wealth creation”

Double whammy on retirement plans: No dividends distributed and capital loss on paper

I thought it would be interesting to revisit an actual investment case example that was published in February 2017 and critic on whether it would work today. Everyone loves an inspirational story, will the following work or kill your retirement plans for you today? This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Feb.Continue reading “Double whammy on retirement plans: No dividends distributed and capital loss on paper”

CPF Balances Update – June 2020

It is the end of June with all mandatory contributions in for the month. OA to SA transfer for the month of June is also completed. SA balance currently stands at $107,057.49, slightly more than half of 2020 FRS or 59.1% of the journey. In the current climate, it is better to have more cashContinue reading “CPF Balances Update – June 2020”

Regular Savings Plan Update – Jun 2020

Welcome back to Phase 2 of post-circuit breaker and after 2 months of cold storage, I am back again. Somehow people have the misconception that Working From Home equates to having more free time on hand. Well in a way, time never gets wasted. It just gets channeled into some other activities. For me, thisContinue reading “Regular Savings Plan Update – Jun 2020”