CPF Interests Update – For 2020

1st Jan, 5am in the morning. Wake up, get a cup of coffee and turn on the computer. Wala, interest from CPF savings and contributions over the past year is in. Last year around this time, I also shared on my CPF Interests Update – For 2019. Ended off Dec 2020 hardly 2 days ago at:Continue reading “CPF Interests Update – For 2020”

Regular Savings Plan Update – October 2020

Monthly Allocation for 19 October 2020 as follows , with a $170.32 investment amount Counter Quantity Price Investment Amount OCBC Bank (O39) 19 $8.780 $166.82 Total $166.82 Average Price of existing Portfolio counters Counter Total Shares Avg Price OCBC Bank (O39) 479 $10.1666 SIA (C6L) 645 $8.6553