CPF Balances Update – One year of a Journey

One year on in my Full Retirement Sum journey for my CPF SA, I decided to look back and see how far I have came about. I could still remember the day I decided to take the plunge and transferred 30 grand from my CPF OA to SA. It was a one-way trip. The subsequent monthly transfers and top-ups were less stressful as I had a goal to commit to – the Full Retirement Sum (FRS) of $181,000 at least for FY2020.

From 41.9% when I first started in Jul 19, I am currently 60.0% to my goal in Aug 20. Staying on course (hopefully) to reach my goal in 2 years time.

MonthSA BalanceDelta
Jul 19$43,185.04NA
Jul 19$75,849.09Transferred
OA to SA
Aug 19$77,589.13$1,740.04
Sep 19$79,778.09$2,188.96
Oct 19$82,222.09 $2,444.00
Nov 19$84,562.09$2,340.00
Dec 19$89,763.09$5,201.00
Jan 20$96,990.09$7,227.00
Feb 20$98,214.04$1,223.95
Mar 20$103,063.50$4,849.46
Apr 20$104,527.67$1,464.17
May 20$105,792.58$1,264.91
Jun 20$107,057.49$1,264.91
Jul 20$108,000.40$942.91
Aug 20$108,600.41$600.01


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