When HKEX lot size goes against you

As we understand, the lot size or Board lot is determined by the respective Exchanges. For the Hong Kong market, it is displayed on the place order page after the specific stock is selected. Previously, I had also went to research and find out the HKEX Lot size for various counters.

So recently, there was a corporate action that required my attention for CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS LIMITED (293.hk) — rights issue of 7 new shares @ 4.68 HKD for 11 existing shares.

My entitlement was the subscription of 2545 shares @ 4.68 HKD. Another story for another on why I did not subscribe to the rights. I had decided to sell the rights on the open market.

Bummers! The lot size of 1,000 shares had also applied to the selling of rights as well. Long story short: I could only sell 2,000 shares; 545 shares was money left on the table. 545 shares = 545 X 0.50 HKD = 272.5 HKD.

Let me see if there’s an odd lot market for this just like on SGX.


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