Regular Savings Plan Update – Jun 2020

Welcome back to Phase 2 of post-circuit breaker and after 2 months of cold storage, I am back again. Somehow people have the misconception that Working From Home equates to having more free time on hand. Well in a way, time never gets wasted. It just gets channeled into some other activities. For me, this has included a stronger bonding with my daughter, who basically faced me almost 24 hours a day — from the time she awakes to the time she turns in for the night.

So for my readers who had been following, my regular savings plan for my child had been relatively simple — just 2 stocks. But I would have to re-examine and improve on the choice along the way.

Philips POEMS ShareBuildersPlan, as I had just experienced, do not allow exercising of Rights, under this liner “Other Corporate actions (except right issue)” costs $10. This meant that the SIA (C6L) rights issue for my daughter’s current holdings, a combination of raising SGD 8.8 billion in new ordinary shares and mandatory convertible bonds (MCB), were automatically sold at the start of trading day without sales commission. Good and bad for some, I would lean it more towards the good in her case.

DescriptionTotal Amount (SGD)
Adj for Net Sales of SIA R 967 @S$1.04447$1,004.21
Adj for Net Sales of SIA MCB R 1902 @S$0.00781$9.49

Monthly Allocation for 19 June 2020 as follows , with a $1,587.20 (including our monthly $500 investment and sales proceeds from SIA rights issue and OCBC dividends) investment amount

CounterQuantityPriceInvestment Amount
OCBC Bank (O39)173$9.175$1587.20

Average Price of existing Portfolio counters

CounterTotal SharesAvg Price
OCBC Bank (O39)439$10.2974
SIA (C6L)645$8.6553


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