Round-up for Jan 20

January was a good start to the new year. TOC had its first panelist on savings and investing of CPF on the 22 Jan. I even had the opportunity to discuss a fireside chat collaboration with the General Manager of Company X on savings and investments in Bangkok this coming Q3 (July/August). Similarly, a chance meeting with Centre Manager of Company Y Hong Kong intrigued him on a similar collaboration for the Hong Kong audience, possibly some time this year as well.

Personally, I enjoy engaging with like-minded people to understand the different circumstances that we are in, and on how to better maximise the financial resources for the commons objectives. I look forward to more of such opportunities.

January was a busier month, due to the beginning of a new year. Only had the time set aside for two events this January, namely

  • ETFs: Fact vs Fiction (14 Jan)
  • Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020 (22 Jan)

Let me learn from you, as much as you might learn from me. A quick round-up for January 2020.

Top 10 reads for January 2020

CPF Interests Update – For 2019 – 8934 views
CPF Balances Update – January 2020 – 1659 views
Why Investing early matters – 1438 views
*Update* to CPF Interests Update – For 2019 – 1193 views
Leveraging 5% interest on first $60,000 of combined CPF SMRA monies – 1022 views
What every personal investor needs to know – 592 views
Investing and the future of your CPF in 2020 – 433 views
ETFs: Fact vs Fiction – 404 views
Investment spending to increase by 14% for 2020 – 354 views
Regular Savings Plan Update – January 2020 – 320 views


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