TOC expands outreach to Bangkok, Thailand

TOC hotdesks at one of the global co-working spaces. One of the draws in joining a great co-working environment is the learning and networking opportunities with members of high profile corporations, startups and entrepreneurs.

I had a good conversation with the General Manager for Company X in Bangkok recently, who invited me to collaborate with an exclusive “Spend the Night with TOC” event on early savings and investments — from the Thai context and perspective. Personal finance and the concept of staying vested from young and for long-term is a universal concept. I am pretty sure we will have a good fireside chat with participants when we meet up.

We kicked off discussions and expect the event to be held on Quarter 3 this year (July/August).

Separately, I had a chance meeting with the Centre Manager for Company Y Hong Kong. He was interested in a similar collaboration for the Hong Kong audience and I am happy to liaise with his marketing team to discuss further when he returns home.

Thailand and Hong Kong, here we come!


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