A glimpse into TOC’s 2020 plans

To my readers, I assure you that TOC is beyond being alive. In fact, 2020 is getting a little more exciting with the expansion of scope of what is to come. Personally, I have been busy piecing together a few pieces of the puzzles together and map out the direction that TOC is heading in 2020.

Some quick updates to keep us hot on our toes.

1. Panel interviews

The first one will be this coming 20 January 2020. A special shout-out to Endowus, the host for this event — it will be held at SGX Auditorium. Currently 300+ participants have signed up, we are looking for a good 400 in the audience.

Kenneth (Co-founder, Seedly), Cheng Chuan (Founder, 1M65 movement) and myself are invited to give our take for savings and investment for 2020.

If you haven’t registered, do it here: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/the-future-of-your-cpf-in-2020-tickets-88601620833

This is one of the many which are in the works, we are working with Giants to bring the conversation to the masses, with both small and big events.

2. Guest Interviews with CEOs / Founders / Co-founders on their StartUp experiences and Retirement planning

My shipment is finally here. One of the interests or key questions from many of us, how are the experts in their fields doing what they are doing? Are there past experiences or learning points that can emphasis on what we are learning from the bulk knowledge of the community?

I too am keen, and do look out for weekly interviews from the greats and key personnel in the various FinTech and FinLit companies, from February or March 2020.

3. Fireside Chat and Dialogue

In smaller group settings, we bring topics close to your heart such as investing from young for your child, investing together as a family, common goals common objectives etc. Similarly, we are working with Giants to bring to yourself a conversation with the hosts beyond the usual class presentation.

TOC is committed to working hard both online and offline to make certain things happen in 2020, and we shall see if it sparks off more collaboration in the near future.


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