*Update* to CPF Interests Update – For 2019

Being too eager to post the results for the year, some readers were right to point out that the MA cap up to 31 Dec 2019 was $57,200. Revision for MA cap to $60,000 begins on 01 Jan 2020. Therefore, the interests earned for MA account for 2019 would overflow to SA.

I checked back today on the 04 Jan 2020 and yes, the overflow has been rightfully corrected. Thanks for pointing this out!

MA has $2,264.11 more to go towards BHS.


3 thoughts on “*Update* to CPF Interests Update – For 2019

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know what are the benefits of hitting BHS first for MA before topping up SA? I am contemplating to top up using cash to MA or SA first. To me, both give the same interest rate, shouldn’t it be the same for me to top up SA or MA? Thank you!


    1. Theoretically on interest alone, there is no difference. However if you are looking at maximising your tax relief (if you haven’t reach FRS), you can top up and get a maximum of $7000 tax relief for SA and $x amount of tax relief for MA. Thus for CPF as an employer, you can potentially get more than $7000 tax relief annually if you intend to top up more than $7000. Thus MA first to BHS, then SA to $7000 annual limit.


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