Round-up for Dec 19, Plans for 2020

December was a period of deeper learning and realising the purpose of TOC. In the round-up from Nov 19, I did mention that “more could be done to raise the Financial Literacy level in Singapore via collaboration across the industry”. Going beyond the blogosphere, TOC would be partaking in 2020, targeted engagement with the masses on FinLit education and awareness.

This is the first step – it not be possible without working with and standing on the shoulders of Giants in the industry. TOC is looking forward to spend effort on the engagement portion, rather than re-inventing the wheel. So stay tuned.

I attended more events this December, namely

  • Spending An Evening with Michelle Obama (Dec 14)
  • Engaging In Conversation with President Barack Obama (Dec 16)
  • Syfe Your Financial Freedom roadmap (Dec 5)
  • Meet & Greet The Woke Salaryman (Dec 7)
  • Founders meet Founders (Dec 10)
  • BlackRock x StashAway: A fireside chat on Investing with ETFs (Dec 11)
  • StashAway’s Market Outlook 2020 (17 Dec)

Let me learn from you, as much as you might learn from me. A quick round-up for December 2019.

Top 10 reads for December 2019

CPF Balances Update – December 2019 – 3223 views
Review of 2019 Stock Holdings – 1732 views
What is your Retirement Sum – 1703 views
Spending An Evening with Michelle Obama – 870 views
StashAway your wealth with ETFs – 703 views
My Personal Finance Journey – 698 views
Certified Wage Slave – 511 views
Regular Savings Plan Update – December 2019 – 426 views
Engaging in Conversation with President Barack Obama – 417 views
Asset Class types – 372 views


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