CPF Interests Update – For 2019

Every year on this 1st Jan, 5am in the morning, the eager ones take a look at how much interest they earn from their CPF savings and contributions over the past year. A small minority. And I am no exception.

I remember ending off Dec 2019 just 3 days ago at:

Dec 19$0 $89,763.09 $57,200.00

And the interests for 2019 stands at $5,486.96. Not a bad start.

I carried out the standard OA to SA transfer, and a MediSave voluntary contribution to Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS). BHS for 2020 met!

SA balance currently stands at $92,985.94.

Let’s take a quick look for my child:

The interests for 2019 stands at $207.99. We start small, but I expect interests to build up year on year. Off on a good note.


20 thoughts on “CPF Interests Update – For 2019

    1. I am cautious enough to have several baskets of income. CPF in the end is one of the tools that I am building, I daresay that diversification is the key in any investment.


      1. SSB rates have been dropping as well. No investment instrument can guarantee you a return, but we have to assess and invest prudently as much as possible.


    1. I have no immediate need for OA and am thus building a financial safety net for my retirement as soon as I can.


  1. Hi there, i noticed that the interest your MA earned is still kept in your MA till the amount reaches 2020’s BHS, with the excess then transferred to your OA.

    For myself (38 years old), I have a MA balance of $57,200 on 31 Dec 2019. The interest I earned for my MA is wholly transferred to my SA. Therefore on 01 Jan 2020, my MA is still $57,200.

    How come you are able to keep the MA’s interest still creditted into your MA?


  2. Hi there, I am wondering how come ur MA’s interest earned for 2019 is still able to remain in ur MA on 01 Jan 2020? With a voluntary top-up of $535.89, 2020’s BHS is met.

    For myself, my MA’s balance on 31 Dec 2019 was $57,200. Once the MA’s interest is earned, it was wholly transferred to my SA and leaving my MA balance still at $57,200 on 01 Jan 2020.

    I was hoping that my MA’s interest still remains in my MA, but it didn’t. At least it could help to minimize the cash amount I need the top-up to reach BHS this year.


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