Review of 2019 Stock Holdings

Nearing the end of the current year, it is a good time to take stock of how my stock holdings have performed for this year. 2019 was the serious start of my investing journey, whereby I strongly believe that every dollar saved could be a dollar vested for X future dollars. Delayed gratification was never a thing I believed in until I witnessed the power of compounding interests.

Current portfolio value. The portfolio is modestly valued at SGD$41,928.21. It was only in the latter half of 2019, whereby the turmoil in Hong Kong enticed me to look out for opportunities in HKEX.

One of the best buys I had for 2019 was Cathay Pacific Airways (HKEX: 0293) at HKD 9.37, which was beaten largely by lower passenger numbers to Hong Kong. The 52-week ranges 9.27 — 14.14, and is currently 11.36 with potential further upside.

Dividends earned for 2019. For 2019, annual dividends stand at SGD$1,734.28 which is fully reinvested.

Current holdings. As of now, I am 60-40 vested in REITs, and 65-35 in the Singapore market.

Plans for 2020. Opportunities are out there in the international market. I would be looking at venturing into the US markets as well as others. I would be reviewing my stock holdings and reallocating based on analysis of future expectations. Diversification is more than just investing in a little of here and there. Investment is just like operating any other businesses. The key is to understand the industry or even the market that you venturing into.

Have you reviewed your investment performance for 2019?


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