CPF Balances Update – December 2019

It is the end of December with all mandatory contributions and cash top up are in for the month. Last month of the year, and it is probably the month where many people who receives their end-of-year bonuses anticipate, me including.

MA contribution overflow to SA continues. OA to SA transfer for the month of December is also completed. SA balance currently stands at $89,763.09.

I continue to top up my child’s SA at a very modest sum of $100, something that all parents could consider for their children. SA balance currently stands at $500.


3 thoughts on “CPF Balances Update – December 2019

    1. There are 3 methods of topping up your CPF accounts.
      1.) Topping up of MA
      2.) Topping up of SA
      3.) Topping up for all 3 accounts (OA, MA, SA)

      There is no way to directly top up OA, and in my opinion, option 3 is the least viable from a third person perspective.


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