Invest in yourself

Too often, we are too focused on monitoring the markets and investment instruments that we forget to invest in the most prominent body – YOURSELF.

Read Books

I devour books more than my meals. It doesn’t matter which genre they are from as long as they are relevant to your passion or interest. Even I don’t read books focused on investment only, but from basic finance and money, entrepreneurship and businesses, bringing up your kids, even self enrichment books. Reading from a wide range of books, whether bought or borrowed, allows you not only to level up pretty fast on the topic but to link and interconnect relevant topics of life.

Reading doesn’t have to be costly as well. I borrow them from the various public libraries in Singapore. I geoarbitrage by buying at a good price from Malaysia or shop online at Book Depository or Amazon. The stack of 9 books cost me about RM 400 or SGD 132, which I thought was a steal.

Join Groups

Needless to say, join groups and communities that suit your interest. If you have a question, most probably at least someone in that group will have the same question as you. Also, common problems are usually best dealt with by common folks like you and me.

I started out joining the Seedly and Dollars And Sense online community. At that time, I was also in a few stock-watch discussion group. Personal finance, savings and investment were generic enough for me to branch out to the various international communities to learn further. As of now, I am also in the US, UK, Australia groups etc for some of these interest learning. Don’t forget the power of communication groups on WhatsApp and Telegram. I learn quite a bit as well from joining the 1M65 movement group on WhatsApp.

Join Seminars

We never stop learning — we will always have burning questions in our heart for the topics that interest us. What could be better than attending events/seminars/workshops that are relevant and learning from the gurus? Eventbrite has tons of events happening on a daily basis and I am not even talking about the paid ones.

Personally, I attend 2 or 3 sessions each week if I could make it. After a few sessions, you would be wise enough to filter out the series of workshops which is useful and should continue attending.

Ask Mentors

At the same events you attend, network with the gurus directly and tap on their knowledge and experience. There is so much you can learn from a seminar to a general audience. Pluck up your courage and take the first step.

Generally, I am the more extrovert type. I am more than willing to introduce my interests and direct queries in a 1-to-1 setting. Initiating coffee sessions or after seminar short meets is also a good way to kickstart. There is another method which I have not tried before but still open to the idea, which is joining the inner circle from paid courses or workshops. This takes a bit more due diligence and fact-check on the organiser that you are dealing with.

Take Online Courses

I don’t take online courses so far, but I do participate in webinars and live event streams. This is also a good way for parents with young kids to partake, as you could care for your young ones while joining in the event at your own pace.


In the end, it still boils down to the first step — TRY.

There are so many ways to get started. You just have to find time and effort among the passion to do it. Don’t procrastinate. Learn while you are still young.

Are you constantly investing in yourself?


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