Top 144 Investment Blogs and Websites For Investors in 2019

So just earlier last week, I mentioned about how Feedspot maintains a list of Top 80 Singapore Investment Blogs & Websites For SG Investors (2019)? I thought I took a step back and see what I could learn from the gurus on the international level. What could be clearer than to stand on the shoulders of Giant for that perspective?

Then I saw this, under Top 144 Investment Blogs and Websites For Investors in 2019.

It may be a smaller sample size, but Theory of Constraints is proud to be recognised as part of the international listing as well. We are definitely in the right direction, the next aim would be to take on the world to inculcate financial literacy and raise the standards.

Who knows? We could very well be the next Giants for people to stand on our shoulders for support in future. Stay tuned.


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