Certified Wage Slave

For those who missed yesterday’s event, we had the good opportunity to meet the co-founder and illustrator, Wei Choon for The Woke Salaryman. A two-man outfit, Mr & Mr Woke intent to help Singaporeans make better financial and life choices through education and stick figure illustration.

We do it even if it means deviating from the conventional path always preached by previous generations/conventional wisdom.

The inaugural fan meet was overwhelming, basically anyone earning a wage or have something in commonality with regards to personal finances was there. The biggest booth turnout for the inaugural event held by Creative Nations. More on that later.

Wei Choon was candid in explaining what and why his team do what they do. Amid the panel interview that was ongoing in the background on stage, Wei Choon was addressing questions fast and furious with hardly any time to eat, drink or even sit. This was the aura of passion we feel from the co-founder and I believe many of us at the scene were impressed.

The Woke Salaryman is not funded nor given a salary for the good work they do. Sponsorships are few as the founders are highly selective — those that do not meet the objectives of The Woke Salaryman are turned down. This means we most probably not going to see any ‘When Lambo‘ post anytime. You may choose to donate to their Patreon page for substantive artistship.

Theory of Constraints is sold, and proud to be a patron of The Woke Salaryman from a few minutes ago.

Certified Wage Slave, that’s me

To end off, Wei Choon did a sketch and has officially certified me as a Wage Slave. The Woke Salaryman will be having more future meets, one possibly at our FinLit event scheduled to be organised next year 2020.

This meet would not have been possible without Creative Nation, a newly established social impact start-up that aims to develop a shared network of opportunities, access, and resources for the social impact community via creativity as a solution for societal change. More similar youth-driven social impact events are planned in the near future and we highly anticipate it.


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