Reflection on your purpose in Life

I am not sure how many of you felt this way before, but the feeling of hitting the wall is pretty common — whether it is in your career, investment returns, education knowledge etc. You get this impression of a whole yet invisible barrier in front of you with no way of surpassing it. You feel defeated.

But during times like these, the more important question is whether you admit defeat or challenge yourself to break down this wall. Those who remain status quo in what we call the Comfort Zone. They feel safe and in control. There is absolutely nothing wrong being in the Comfort Zone. Why change something which ain’t broken?

To me however, they have lost the opportunity to re-define their boundaries (limits) in life and to grow or mature further beyond. The reason why very successful individuals do exist in life, is because these people are constantly aiming for the biggest circle and to constantly set new goals and conquer new objectives. They get bored doing routine stuff in the Comfort Zone. They peak when they are stretched.

Credits to RedBull

Like I have mentioned, this isn’t a 1 or 0 problem, but food for thought from a different perspective. In a Life’s journey, there will be typical needs and wants choices which you will make from the time you were born to the time you expire. I thought it was adept that instead of blindly determining your goals, we need to delve deeper into the level of idealness or acceptance for each goal.

Credits to Liston Landers

For example,

  • Retirement age (age 55 versus 65)
  • Retirement spending (monthly spend of $5000 versus $3000)
  • Investment risk (8% higher-risk returns versus 4% risk-free returns)
  • Leaving a financial legacy behind (including charities versus family only)
  • And the list goes on

An ‘ideal’ set of goals would mean either each of your plans work, or don’t. In reality, each of us have some sense of what is ideal or acceptable to us. Earning a $5000 monthly salary is ideal to you. Earning $4000 minimal could be acceptable.

At the advanced level, what you are essentially doing is to re-define your Growth Zone to be the new Comfort Zone. Having Ideal and Acceptable conversations with your self brings you on a true discovery experience to identify and clarify the needs and wants that truly matters in your life.

Would you try reflecting with your inner self this weekend?


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