Travel Insurance 101

It’s the season of joy and the very first morning of December! How many of us have already planned a trip to foreign lands this month? How many of us have already bought their travel insurance way in advance? How many of us will only buy on the day we travel or night prior? How many of us do not buy it?

There is no right or wrong. Personally if I were to head to Batam or Kuala Lumpur for a weekend trip, I will not buy. Bangkok for the weekend? Perhaps…

It’s all about the risk tolerance in accepting the what-ifs. Are you able to accept the financial consequences of a flight delay, cancellation, health problems encountered overseas? Or are you willing to take a chance?

My Personal Experience

Flight   Depart   Arrive
QZ509Singapore – T4 (SIN)
Wed 20 Jun 2018, 9:05 PM
Bali (DPS)
Wed 20 Jun 2018, 11:40 PM

So a very simple trip to attend a close friend’s wedding started off with a flight after work. The flight was scheduled to take off at 21:05H, so you could have imagined how much of a mad rush it was to ‘chiong’ home after work and bring a 6-month old child to the airport. Parents, please don’t do that. *sigh.

So the first thing that hit us at the airport was that QZ 509 has been re-scheduled from 21:05H to 23:45H. Okay not too bad, perhaps I can catch a better round two dinner at the airport.

After some food, we started strolling to the Departure gate. No plane in sight, large crowd gathering. Flight re-scheduled from 23:45H to 02:05H. Set up a temporary bed for a short rest.

After a short nap, still no plane in sight. Flight re-scheduled from 02:05H to 03:30H. The crowed was almost flipping. We left Singapore at 4am in the morning, a flight delay of more than 6 hours. As we know, budget airlines usually try to put you on the next available flight and compensate with food vouchers at the airport. The experience wasn’t sweet as we know that monetary compensation would not come from them for 1 lost night of accommodation.

We were lucky to have had travel insurance purchased this time round, which covered $100 per individual. Not much, but well enough to cover our losses.


Credits to Travel Insurance Review

A trip can have unexpected or unpleasant events taking place, some well before the start of your trip as well. While we cannot control this aspect, what we could rein in is the financial impact that happens after. A small fee for a peace of mind. But as I mentioned, it is up to individual assessment based on trip duration and probability of events happening. For example, if you are travelling to a few countries where flight interconnections are scheduled, why take chances?

Do you have travel insurance prior to your travel?

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