Creating a Masterlist for Financial Aid

It’s almost the weekend once more, and to most Singaporeans, just another normal week that had passed. But for many of the underprivileged and needy, the mid of the month has come and now they must survive on what they may have till the end of the month.

While Singapore’s ‘Third World’ form of poverty has disappeared, many people continue to fall into ‘First World’ type of poverty. Living conditions among the poorest here may not be as dire as the rest of the world, but a good 10-14% of Singaporeans according to economists’ estimates still face severe financial problems and difficulties meeting basic needs (for instance hunger). Most contend with a variety of unmet social needs.

The broader definition of poverty has included the socially isolated elderly, underemployed persons with physical disabilities, and caregivers who face a balance struggle between work and family commitments.

What if, what if these people know where and how to seek help? I thought about it the whole of last night. Financial aid is out there. The trouble is, do the people who needs them know where to look out for or even apply for them? Most of the time, these same people are so pre-occupied with ‘living a life’ rather than ‘living for life’. In other words, struggling to survive instead of pursuing their life goals or dreams, if any. There is a way to break out of this poverty cycle, and the minimum is for them to know how.

I have started off with a Masterlist of financial aid for the needy, elderly and persons with disabilities. It isn’t complete and it needs the Community to source for and expand the list. What if we take some time and contribute to this list?

Comment in the box (name of fund/scheme and link) if you know of any others that is not listed. Share the list to spread awareness and for me to get more help.

Let’s kickstart and help out fellow Singaporeans!


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