Update on CPF 101 guide – Investment Scheme

As of today, I have updated the CPF 101 guide to include the INVESTMENT scheme. Hopefully, I have covered all that a regular investor who invest his CPF-OA and CPF-SA needs to know.

Last week, I have started putting together a CPF 101 guide, besides the hack guide which I consolidated previously, in an attempt to consolidate all the CPF schemes. Only the RETIREMENT scheme was covered then. The 101 guide still aims to keep it simple and logical, illustrating all the basic principles and concepts.

If it aren’t Simple, people aren’t Reading it.

It’s NOT complete as it has not include the other schemes that the CPF money could be used for.

Give it a share if you find a guide useful, as it serves like a “textbook” rather than flipping through Q&As pages or hunting for answers throughout the web.

Do let me know if there errors or feedback to the CPF 101 guide. It shall constantly be approved over time for clarity and accuracy.


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