Round-up for Oct 19

I started writing just days prior to the start of October, sharing my thoughts and sentiments towards the savings and investment journey of both myself and my child. While capturing the simplest details in life, it also allowed me an avenue to to delve deeper in my thinking and go beyond the surface on some issues.

Some of my readers might have resonate with what I think, others I may have left them to ponder even more after stumbling upon my thoughts. As I write, we learn even more together as a community. Rather than what is in it for you (as a reader), I hope that I have indulged in encouraging you think more on the same topics which you might have easily brushed past before. Me too, am not perfect, and I am open to learning from the very same community on whether things which I perceived to be the way is actually correct.

Let me learn from you, as much as you might learn from me. A quick round-up for October 2019.

Top 10 reads for October 2019

CPF SA Shielding before RA is formed at age 55 – 17,925 views
Take control of every dollar flow for your Monthly Salary – 2452 views
Your child should invest early in life – 1149 views
Do not be confused by foreign exchange rates! – 976 views
Why I refuse to fall between the cracks during my retirement – 968 views
Why I stress that working Singaporeans should maximise their tax reliefs – 901 views
How far have Singaporeans progressed with hacking their CPF SA/RA and SRS? – 798 views
Investing in UOB Gold – 755 views
Understanding why premiums differ for different insurance types – 684 views
Compounding Interest and Rule of 72 – 680 views


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